Rudenko Maksym

  Date of Birth  

  3 February 1988

  Place of Birth

  Kharkiv, Ukraine


  NTU "KhPI" Department of Technology of Organic
  Substances, MA


  Russian, Ukrainian, English

  Personal Moto

  If you want to do it properly – do it by yourself.

  When did you begin to judge?

  In 2009 following my coach’s advise

  Period of Active Judgment

  From 2009 and till now

  The first Experience of Judgment

  Hungary International 2009

  Experience of Judgment

  13 tournaments

  The most funny incident during your

  At one of the tournaments at the beginning of the umpire
  career I was judging, and suddenly my mobile phone rang
  loudly, everybody in the hall heard it,
I got scared and threw
  it into a basket for shuttlecocks, but it continued to ring. Till
  the end of the tournament I got the nick "a calling boy".

  Certificates/ Awards / Honours

  Twice I was awarded as the best umpire. One of the top ten
  umpires in Ukraine.


  Outdoors activities, diving

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