Membership in the Kharkiv Badminton Federation is open and voluntary.

The membership can be individual, collective and honorable.

Individual membership is open for persons who are citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens or stateless ones not younger than 14 years old, live in the territory of Ukraine, participate in achieving goals and fulfilling tasks of the Federation and pay membership fees.

Collective membership is open for companies, sports schools, sports clubs or other collective actors which support the activity of the Federation and pay membership fees.

Honorable members are distinguished sportsmen and coaches, leading referees, professionals, public activists, and badminton veterans who have made a great contribution to badminton development.

The decision on membership is made by the Presidium of the Federation basing on written applications (for individual members) or collective actors’ resolutions (for collective members).

Membership fees are determined by the Conference decision. Nowadays the fee equals 50 UAH per year.

Members’ privileges:

- Opportunity to participate in tournaments organized by the Kharkiv Badminton Federation.

- Special prices for training for amateurs in the School of Highest Sportsmanship.

- 10-20 % discount for buying sports equipment and clothing in STIMUL store (11 Mayakovskogo Str.)

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