Kharkiv International 2009 took place on the 10-13th of September 2009 in the Lokomotiv Sports Palace.

For participation in the competition 180 entries and 117 players were registered which represented 12 countries: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Gibraltar, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and Wales.

156 matches have been played.

Winners were players from Denmark (women’s singles), Russia (men’s doubles) and Ukraine (men’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles).







1    flag_Ukraine Dmytro Zavadsky [1] (Ukraine)

2    flag_Denmark Kristian Midtgaard [6] (Denmark)

3/4 flag_Denmark Kristian Nielsen (Denmark)

3/4 flag_Ukraine Valeriy Atrashchenkov [4] (Ukraine)


1    flag_Denmark Anne Hald [8] (Denmark)

2    flag_Russia Tatiana Bibik [4] (Russia)

3/4 flag_Russia Natalia Perminova (Russia)

3/4 flag_Russia Anastasia Prokopenko [2] (Russia)


1   flag_Russia Andrej Ashmarin (Russia)

     flag_Russia Andrey Ivanov (Russia)

2   flag_Ukraine Valeriy Atrashchenkov (Ukraine)

      flag_Ukraine Vladislav Druzchenko (Ukraine)

3/4 flag_Russia Vladimir Malkov (Russia)

       flag_Russia Nikolaj Nikolaenko (Russia)

3/4 flag_Russia Sergey Shumilkin [2] (Russia)

       flag_Russia Nikolai Ukk (Russia)


1   flag_Ukraine Anna Kobceva [1] (Ukraine)

     flag_Ukraine Elena Prus (Ukraine)

2   flag_Russia Tatiana Bibik [3] (Russia)

      flag_Russia Olga Golovanova (Russia)

3/4 flag_Ukraine Mariya Ulitina (Ukraine)

       flag_Ukraine Natalya Voytsekh (Ukraine)

3/4 flag_Ukraine Maryna Kryzhanovska (Ukraine)

       flag_Ukraine Viktoriya Pogrebnyak (Ukraine)


1    flag_Ukraine Valeriy Atrashchenkov [1] (Ukraine)

      flag_Ukraine Elena Prus (Ukraine)

2    flag_Russia Andrej Ashmarin (Russia)

      flag_Russia Anastasia Prokopenko (Russia)

3/4 flag_Ukraine Georgiy Natarov [4] (Ukraine)

       flag_Ukraine Anna Kobceva (Ukraine)

3/4 flag_Russia Nikolai Ukk (Russia)

       flag_Russia Ksenia Polikarpova (Russia)

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