Babolat Kharkov International 2013 took place on the 5–8thof September 2013 in the Lokomotiv Sports Palace.


For participation in the competition 260 entries and 215 players were registered which represented 20 countries: Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, England, Estonia, France, Greece, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and Wales.


220 matches have been played.


Winners were players from Bulgaria (women’s doubles), Indonesia (women’s singles), Poland (men’s doubles), Scotland (women’s doubles and mixed doubles) and Ukraine (men’s singles).


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Players with prominent titles:

  • Robert Blair (Scotland) –  Silver medalist at the 2006 World Championships in the men's doubles;
  • Imogen Bankier (Scotland) – Silver medalist at the 2011 World Championships in the mixed doubles;
  • Henri Hurskainen (Sweden) – Silver medalist at the 2012 European Championships in the men’s singles;
  • Joachim Persson - Silver medalist at the 2008 European Championships in the men's singles; 
  • Emil Holst (Denmark) – European Junior Champion 2009 in the men’s singles;
  • Petya Nedelcheva (Bulgaria) – who took the fifth place at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004.


  • Russia sent to the tournament the biggest team – 75 players but for the first time in the tournament history didn’t play in finals.
  • The best European badminton country – Denmark – played in three double finals but lost all of them. 

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